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Welcome to my Junk and Jewelry Blog


Hello and Welcome to my first Official Junk and Jewelry Blog post! 

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Carrie Wright and I own Classic Cottage Art & Antiques, a small antique mall, bead shop, and local art gallery in the very small town of Bowling Green, VA.  I am also a Premier Retailer for Dixie Belle Paint company - that's a fancy way to say we carry the entire line of Dixie Belle Paint products. I also teach Jewelry-making and Painting classes here at the Shop.

So, why call my blog Junk and Jewelry? Simple. I like to revitalize junk and I like to make beautiful jewelry -  so I thought why not name the blog after two things I really like to do.

My goal for this blog is to inspire you to revitalize/update outdated furniture and/or make beautiful jewelry - sometimes, maybe, both in one blog post.  I'll be sharing tips, tricks, techniques and finished projects with you. 

So here's my first tip:
- Always, Always clean your piece of furniture before painting!  I use Dixie Belle White Lightning Cleaner because it's a cleaner, degreaser and deglosser. You can use other products, but I find that Dixie Belle White Lighting Cleaner works best. (check out my Facebook page @classiccottageartantiques for a short video on cleaning furniture with this product vs cleaning with regular dish soap -- sorry, I couldn't get the video to load on this blog post).

And My second tip:
-Always, Always Rinse Off the residue left by any cleaning product.  If you don't rinse, the residue left behind by the cleaner may cause your paint not to adhere well.

Those are my tips for now. Next time, I'll show you how I transformed a dining room table into a desk.

Until next time!

Have a Great Day!!!


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